The Euston Cider Tap becomes the Other Euston Tap

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The Euston Cider Tap becomes the Other Euston Tap


The Euston Tap is one of the best known ‘craft’ beer bars in London, perhaps partly because of its proximity to Euston station but also because of its well-kept and ever changing selection of cask and keg beers. The winding stairs up to the first floor lounge and the toilets are the stuff of legends, but not particularly edifying ones.

A while back a general revamp was announced which included the closure of the Cider Tap (on the other side of the entrance to Euston) and its replacement by another Euston Tap. The plan at that stage was apparently to have one bar selling London beers and one beers from the North of England.

It’s not clear if that remains the plan but at any rate the Cider Tap shut and on Monday re-opened as the other Euston Tap. Some additional windows have been put in (taking it back I believe closer to the original, historic, design). The bar is now against the wall opposite the entrance and is horseshoe shaped as in the Euston Tap. There are 12 keg and 8 cask beers on tap. As one would expect the ones I tried were in good condition and reasonably priced (for central London particularly).

The question which regular visitors will surely be asking is: what about the toilets? On the first floor there is one male and one female WC both nicely decorated, lit and tiled. I have posted a picture of the gents on twitter (@kmflett) if you are keen but as I spent part of my varied career as a Property Manager I know far too much about the ins and outs of ‘bogs and basins’ and I don’t plan to start going on about that here.

Anyway the plan now seems to be to refurbish the original Tap after Xmas and after that I guess we’ll see.

The opening of the other Euston Tap does at least underline that these days you can drink craft beer in reasonably comfortable surroundings. A definite step forward.




3 Responses to “The Euston Cider Tap becomes the Other Euston Tap”

  1. Refurbishment of what was always, to be fair, a cold and draughty place is welcome and indeed long overdue. As for the upstairs, I only ever ventured up there once. But I hope they do manage to keep a few ciders on – particularly around this time of year when cider surely ought to be at its freshest.

  2. This squalid little slum provides no seating, which is blatant and open (but sadly not illegal) discrimination against older people. The sooner it is closed down for good the better.

  3. You’re thinking of the one across the road. The one noted here as a fair bit of downstairs seating

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