The Ambridge Socialist: it’s official- the favourite drink of Ambridge is Grundy’s cider

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

It’s official: the favourite drink of Ambridge is Grundy’s cider


The Ambridge Socialist poll to find out what the favourite drink of Ambridge is has a winner. It is Grundy’s cider a traditional craft product not generally available outside of the  village

Old favourites Shires bitter and Grundy’s cider battled out with newcomer Toby’s gin. Production of this last has temporarily ceased owing to the intervention of Toby’s landlord, Dave, but it was not in any case popular, scoring less than 10% of the poll. It appears that the market for artisan drinks in Ambridge is not yet large.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, the Grundy’s have shown a desire to innovate introducing a single varietal cider this year. By contrast Shires while a solid beer is not exciting. Perhaps a Borchester Double IPA on the bar at The Bull would help*

*thanks to Toby Wood

Lillian & Justin: which way forward?

After a hiccup in their relationship over, inevitably, Titchener, it looks like the liaison between Lillian and Justin is back on track. Crucially for Ambridge Susan knows or thinks she knows about it (more or less the same thing).

Justin has told Lillian that he will be in Ambridge without his wife for the period after Christmas Day. Titchener who already knows about the couple may well react interestingly having little else to occupy himself with over the festive period

The Ambridge Santa

Christmas is coming but who should be the village Santa this year, ready to wear the false beard (if they are bereft) and dispense seasonal cheer together with occasional swearing?

In Other News

Roooth has told Jill to lay off Pip.

Brian speaks truth: the best investment is land.




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