The Ambridge Socialist: Gin- A Hogarthian solution to Titchener?

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Ambridge Gin: A Hogarthian solution to Titchener?


On the face of it Ambridge seems like a good place to produce gin. There are a considerable of residents who might well be interested in drinking it. Toby’s trial gin making has aroused the ire of David Archer who has threatened him (& Pip) with eviction if he doesn’t get rid of his unlicensed still. Archer, who knows a thing or two about the criminal law, thinks that Toby could be jailed for his gin trials. That seems very unlikely.

As David suggested a quick Google will reveal that the HMRC do indeed require various licences and lay down conditions for spirit production. If you don’t comply they’ll fine you. Their interest is in revenue not jail:

That said it’s clear that HMRC are not fans of small scale production since the bureaucracy outweighs the end product as it were.

The Ambridge Socialist poll

Titchener enters post-truth world

Tony has explained to Titchener that young Jack cries because he is teething. Titchener suggests that this is just Tony’s ‘opinion’. As Tony rightly corrected him it is in fact a fact.

Lynda’s production: the dialectics of Ambridge

So far Lynda’s Mother Goose is going very badly in rehearsals. This happens every year in the Archers. It will of course be all right on the night, a dialectical miracle of turning disaster into triumph.

Ambridge Has Got Talent?

Toby (obviously)has floated an interlude for Ambridge has got talent in Lynda’s Xmas production. The question most readers of the Ambridge Socialist would obviously ask is, ‘has it?’ The Editorial Board is reviewing the matter. After all, following Ed Balls performance on Strictly anything could be possible.

Food Parcel for Neil

Following a readers vote we have despatched a food parcel containing pork pies and chocolate to Neil Carter. We would have sent cider but Grundys is only available in Ambridge currently.

In Other News

Titchener has found a scarf at the Dower House. Lilian is concerned. Tony would tear his hair out but he doesn’t have any.




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