Labour MPs Elmore, Flynn & Corbyn splitting hairs for pole position in Parliamentary Beard of the Year poll

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Beard Liberation Front

Media Release

22nd November

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Labour MPs Elmore, Flynn & Corbyn split hairs for pole position in Beard of the Year poll


The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers has said that with the vote to decide the 10 finalists for the Parliamentary Beard of the Year poll closing at midday on Thursday there is a three way race for the coveted pole position on the poll. Labour MP for Ogmore Chris Elmore leads after a late surge of support while veteran Welsh Labour MP Paul Flynn is second and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn third

Chris Elmore is a newcomer to the Parliamentary Beard of the Year being elected for Ogmore in May 2016.

There are 6 Labour MPs, 4 Tory MPs and one SNP MP fighting it out for a place on the shortlist together with three Peers. The bottom four in the poll will be eliminated for a final vote from 25th November.

In 2015 Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn just shaved SNP MP Steward McDonald for the coveted title.

The campaigners say that the award is specifically not about who has the best or most magnificent beard in Parliament. Rather it focuses on the MP or Peer who has made the most positive hirsute impact during the year.

There are now so many Parliamentarians with facial hair that a vote is held on a longlist to prune down the contenders to 10 for the final vote which starts on 25th November. The winner is announced on 9th December.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, while it is not necessarily factor Chris Elmore is almost certainly the youngest Parliamentary beard wearer contending for a place on the Beard of the Year shortlist, while Lord Hylton is definitely the oldest.

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour)

Stewart McDonald (SNP)

Michael Gove (Tory)

Dave Anderson (Labour)

Paul Flynn (Labour)

Chris Elmore (Labour)

David Mundell (Tory)

Stephen Crabb (Tory)

Lord Toby Harris (Labour)

Lord Tony Greaves (Liberal Democrat)

Lord Hylton (crossbencher)

Kelvin Hopkins (Labour)

John Spellar (Labour)

Jon Trickett (Labour)

Rob Wilson (Tory)



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