The Tottenham Beer Mile, 19th November

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The Tottenham Beer Mile: 19th November


Saturday 29th October was the first chance for the public to sample the ‘Tottenham Beer Mile’. The Beavertown Tap Room at Tottenham Hale has been open on Saturday’s from 2-8pm for a good while and I suspect many readers of this post will have visited it.

On that Saturday it was joined by two further tap rooms around a mile north in Northumberland Park, but still in London N17. One Mile End which moved much of its brewing operations to the Compass Industrial Estate, West Rd (around 5 minutes walk from Northumberland Park bus station) earlier this year. In the next block of the same estate is the long established and well known Redemption Brewery. It is a rather larger affair (three times the capacity of Redemption’s first brewery) complete with a first floor lounge (in use but not yet quite finished). Unusually for brewery tap rooms it also has ample toilets.

Both breweries had pop-up food operations and a good range of their own beer on sale. One Mile End had a cask of mild on offer but also on keg a new Morello Cherry Gose. Redemption had their full range of cask beers plus the fairly new Big Chief keg version.

Both these tap rooms look likely to open regularly in the New Year, although they are also due to open again on 19th November and in the run-up to Xmas. Times on Saturdays are 11-5.00-ish, football supporters being welcome beforehand. Both operations are around 10 minutes walk from the Spurs ground.

Change is constant and Beavertown whose current brewery is at capacity are in the process of looking for a new site for a much larger brewery. Whether the Tottenham tap room will remain in its existing format seems unclear as of yet.

In the meanwhile though Saturday afternoons in Tottenham offer an excellent choice of modern beer and on some days a decent game of football too.

The obvious way to do the Beer Mile is to visit One Mile End and Redemption first and then head south to Beavertown. You can walk down (preferably not on or in) the Lea Navigation. Alternatively take a 476 or 341 bus from Northumberland Park to Tottenham High Cross and then a 10 minute walk or 123 bus


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