The Ambridge Socialist: Titchener expelled!

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Titchener expelled!


Forget the US Presidential Election, the big news of the week is that Titchener has been expelled from the South Borsetshire Hunt. His response to Oliver Sterling? ‘Go to hell’. Sterling returned Titchener’s subscription cheque but he needs to go further. He must write to Titchener pointing out that an error was made and in fact he was never a member of the Hunt.

Titchener welcomes the election of President Trump

The BBC’s reports from Ambridge rigorously eschew matters of party politics (for reasons that can be understood) although of course wider small ‘p’ political issues often get a more thorough airing on the Archers than they do in much other media.

The world however moves on and Rob Titchener on twitter on 9th November made clear his delight at the election of President Donald Trump, a man he clearly (and rightly) sees as sharing the same worldview as himself

Titchener’s tweet

Delighted for @realDonaldTrump a man of integrity like myself, we share so many common characteristics #thearchers

Where should Titchener live?

The question was posed this week about Titchener’s future residence (assuming despite his tweet that it is not the White House) following his eviction from Blossom Hill Cottage. Justin has been pressing Lillian to let him live in a vacant Amside property. Lilian discovering a rare principle felt that giving a roof to a man who had raped Helen was a step too far. But where should Titchener live? Instead Titchener has taken an ‘executive flat’ (loft) on the Edgeley Rd, which is not in Ambridge.

The Ambridge Socialist Poll: Titchener Free Zone?

Is it time for the Parish Council to act and make Ambridge a Titchener Free Zone? The first step would be to erect signs at the village boundaries.

In Other News

Alistair is still pondering the future of his vet’s practice

Neil is hungry, really hungry…

Jazzer has burnt Roy’s spreadsheet



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