E.P. Thompson on the US & Trump’s forerunner, Ronald Reagan

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In 1981 the former actor Ronald Reagan was elected US President. Parallels are never exact but Reagan was almost as unlikely a President as Trump and broadly in the same political area.

It was a time of heightened nuclear tension between the US and the then USSR. In the UK, CND revived and the historian E.P. Thompson, taking time out from his researches, co-authored a pamphlet, Protest and Survive.

Thompson’s contribution was a Letter to America.

A couple of the opening paragraphs speak as much to the age of Trump as they did to Reagan:

What bothers me now, as a frequent visitor to the States,is that the Atlantic seems to be growing wider, even though it now takes some six hours to cross. The gestures, the voices, indeed the whole mind-set of the dominant politics and media are becoming more and more unfamiliar. There are times when Europe and America appear to have drifted beyond range of communication…. this drift is bringing both continents into immense danger.


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