Beavertown Tropigamma declared beard friendly

In Uncategorized on November 12, 2016 by kmflett

Sunshine I’m only dreaming… but this is England on a winter’s afternoon (Alan Price, Don’t Stop the Carnival)


Beavertown launched a new tropical ipa on Saturday and I wandered over to the Tottenham Hale taproom to give it a try (I live in Tottenham Hale.).

The official view of the beer is here:


It is a 7% tropical IPA not unrelated I believe to the best selling Beavertown beer, Gamma Ray (hence the name) but with a good deal more fruitiness than you might associate with an APA.

Of course it was highly drinkable- and its currently available in limited quantities- but the key issue is whether or not it is beard friendly.

It is more tart than sweet in terms of the impact of the fruit though certainly not sour. You might think it was alcoholic fruit juice were it not for the impact of the hops to create a balance.

By 5pm it had certainly attracted a large crowd to the taproom despite the fact that the weather far from being tropical was drizzly, damp and grey.

Does it get the Beard Liberation Front Beard Mark as a beard friendly beer? Certainly it does. Its the kind of beer you can sip while thoughtfully tugging gently at your beard and wondering what exactly is the meaning of life in the age of President Trump.



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