Beard of the Year 2016 poll: Gary Lineker leads longlist of contenders named

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Beard Liberation Front

Media Release

11th November

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Beard of the Year 2016 poll: Gary Lineker leads longlist of contenders named


The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers has announced the longlist for the Beard of the Year 2016 poll.

Broadcaster Gary Lineker leads the longlist of contenders

In 2015 Weird Beard brewer Bryan Spooner won the vote.

The campaigners say that the award is specifically not about who has the best or most magnificent beard. Rather it focuses on the beard wearer who has made the most positive hirsute public impact during the year.

With the rise in hirsuteness there is now a longlist poll to prune down the contenders to 10 for the final vote which starts on 25th November. The winner is announced on 29th December.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, there is a greater diversity than ever on the longlist this year. Politicians of course have a separate Parliamentary Beard vote

Simon Stevens, NHS CEO

Sam Mendes, playwright

Nick Dwyer, designer

William Crawley, broadcaster

Nick Timothy, political advisor to the Prime Minister

Joe Ledley, footballer

Andy Murray, tennis player

Moeen Ali, cricketer

Jonny Bairstow, cricketer

Jurgen Klopp, football manager

Gary Lineker, broadcaster

Richard Harrington, actor

James O’Brien, broadcaster

Michael Rosen, writer and broadcaster



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  1. Reblogged this on In the Dark and commented:
    I voted for Moeen, but there’s still time to nominate your favourite for Beard of the Year 2016!

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