Riots: can Nigel Farage predict them?

In Uncategorized on November 7, 2016 by kmflett


Nigel Farage is once again the current leader of UKIP and told the Marr show on BBC1 (6.11) that if Brexit is blocked there will be anger, political violence and riots. A report is here:

Farage himself was careful on this occasion to back ‘peaceful protest’.

The Kaiser Chiefs famously sang that they ‘predict a riot’  but in fact this is not possible.

While many riots are not quite the spontaneous events they seem to authority- there is usually some spark, often the intervention of authority in a protest, that provokes them- they are not and cant be pre=planned events like a big demonstration.

Given the age profile of UKIP supporters it seems unlikely that they will be rushing to the barricades. Nor it must be said, historically, are riots for abstract principles like Brexit common. Action over rising food prices while wages dont keep pace would be a more likely focus.

So does Farage know what he is talking about in predicting Brexit riots? As usual, no.

Keith Flett is the Editor of A History of Riots (CSP 2015)


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