The Ambridge Socialist: Mother Goose-Titchener set to be the Demon King

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Mother Goose- Titchener set to be cast as the Demon King


Due to a shortage of volunteers Rob Titchener looks set to be cast in the Ambridge Christmas production of the pantomime Mother Goose. Fortunately there is one role that is entirely suitable for him, that of the Demon King. The Demon attempts to persuade Mother Goose to hand over her friend Priscilla who is responsible for her good fortune- the golden eggs. A key line of the Demon is ‘I’ll add to her misery, tell her more lies’. Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, Titchener can steal the show, assuming he is not arrested first’

‘He’s Behind You’

Ambridge Socialist readers want Titchener arrested for murder

Ambridge Socialist readers were given a wide choice of fates for Rob Titchener including an unfortunate meeting with a combine harvester and being trampled by the Borsetshire Hunt. However nearly half backed the suggestion that the wife beater and rapist should be arrested and put on trial for the murder in 2015 of farm worker Stefan.

The Class Divide in Ambridge:

Poaching: Eddie Grundy

Foraging: Toby Fairbrother

In Other News

Rob has started his new job as Estate Manager. He has the backing of Brian Aldridge but Adam is concerned.

On the same day Rob turned up to the Bull’s Halloween party wearing a ‘Joker’ mask

Upper Class Eggs is no more and Toby is heading for Brighton.

Susan is still agonising about having her picture taken. What’s wrong with using a camera phone?


One Response to “The Ambridge Socialist: Mother Goose-Titchener set to be the Demon King”

  1. If Linda is scraping the barrel to the extent that she would offer The B*****d any part in Mother Goose, I would need to know that the rest of the cast would walk off stage in an instant, in an act of solidarity with Helen.

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