US Presidential Election: why the ‘lesser of two evils’ doesnt work

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Hal Draper

I dont have a vote in the US Presidential Election but the outcome will certainly have an impact way beyond the US.

Unlike Zizek I would not, indeed never would vote for Trump. He is a right-wing demagogue, a known unknown.

I’d struggle to vote for Hillary Clinton too. No doubt there are progressive elements to her Presidential platform but she is tainted with some of the worst aspect of recent history in terms of US imperial adventures. She might well do it again.

Of course were I in a ‘swing State’ where a vote for Clinton would help to ditch Trump I might hold my nose and privately cast my ballot for her. I wouldnt be campaigning for or advocating that though.

But generally I agree with what the great US socialist Hal Draper wrote about the 1968 Presidential Election- another very sharply fought contest that ended badly. Namely that voting for the apparently lesser evil is not a great political strategy for the left.

His piece is here:


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