The Ambridge Socialist. Titchener tells the truth ‘I’m beyond redemption’

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Titchener tells the truth: I’m beyond redemption’


The Ambridge Socialist like New Labour doesn’t do God but we note that Titchener has told Ambridge vicar Alan that he is beyond redemption and that the Archers would have him burnt at the stake as they have a medieval worldview. There are worse things.

Should it happen to a vet?

Alistair’s vet’s practice is at a crossroads. Shula needs money to fund her ambition to succeed Oliver Sterling as Mistress of Hounds for the South Borsetshire Hunt. Alistair has said ‘tally ho’ to that idea and planned to sell his practice to a vet in Felpersham, becoming then the Ambridge operative as an employee. Now however a vet with horse experience based near Worcester who apparently is fed up with hamsters has offered a partnership with Alistair instead. Which way forward?

Neil Carter: the Shower Scene

During the week Susan persuaded Neil to wear a green face pack in preparation for the big photo. If Neil cant manage a beard after that it looks like a new Ambridge shower scene may beckon

The 2016 Ambridge Panto

Lynda has apparently ditched Kate’s idea of a Marxist Cinderella- most popular with Ambridge Socialist readers- and opted for Mother Goose. We think Brecht’s Mother Courage would work better

In Other News

Adam is working late while Ian is in The Bull

In a possibly ill-fated post-Brexit attempt to become an MEP for Borsetshire Rex has whacked Toby and given him a black eye.

Later Toby visits the Grundy’s cider barn….



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