Campaigners outline Preparatory steps for Movember

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Beard Liberation Front

28th October

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Campaigners outline Preparatory steps for Movember


BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew believed to be participating in Movember

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, is once again supporting Movember the charitable campaign which focuses on men’s health, in particular testicular cancer.

The campaigners say that a key requirement is that participants grow a moustache from clean shaven starting on 1st November. For those who already have facial hair and do not wish to shave it off the BLF urges a substantial donation to Movember.

However the BLF says that shaving facial hair can promote growth and more robust follicles and has provided the following Preparatory Guide to growing a Movember moustache from 1st November.

1] Think about what style of moustache you want to grow. Toothbrush or Handlebar moustaches are not generally well advised but there are a range of other styles

2]  Shave the upper lip twice daily. This will mean that when the time comes to grow the Movember moustache the hairs will be more vigorous.

3] Every day marinate the lip in imperial stout or strong coffee (or both) according to taste. This will help prepare the skin for moustache growth

4] If time allows grow a proto-experimental moustache in your chosen style to see if it appears appropriate. It should generally take no more than 48 hours for enough hair to appear on the lip to allow this to be judged.

5] Moustache hair may be a different colour to your hair. This is nothing to worry about. It adds gravitas

6] Consider the future of your new facial hair once Movember is over. Do you want a different moustache style or perhaps an experiment with a full beard?


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