The Tottenham Beer Mile opens for business

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The Tottenham Beer Mile opens for business


Tottenham and the Lea Valley were once among the most significant industrial areas in London. Then came Mrs Thatcher and the area became what it was until recently and largely remains- heavily focused on the service sector of the economy.

Even so, even when the Tottenham sound of the Dave Clark Five rivaled the Mersey-sound in the early 1960s Tottenham was not a place for beer. The most common drink down the rather larger number of pubs on the High Rd was a light and bitter. The bitter was mostly not very well kept cask beer from Charringtons or Courage and the light came from a bottle to give some condition and sparkle to your pint.

The world is changing again however

One sign of this is that Tottenham has become a centre of brewing, with Redemption and One Mile End breweries up near Spurs and Beavertown at Tottenham Hale. If you had suggested that this might be part of the future of Tottenham 10 years ago, most would have thought that you had already been in the pub for a bit.

The Beavertown Brewery opens up to the public on Saturday afternoon and early evenings and has proved, er, wildly popular. The excellent transport links at Tottenham Hale clearly help as does the beer.

Until now Redemption, the first new brewery in Tottenham, and one of the first of the new wave of London brewers, have not had the space to open a tap room but they are nearly at the end of the process of fully commissioning a new and much larger brewery close to their existing one in North Tottenham. The tap room opens to the public for the first time this Saturday afternoon.

It is around a mile between Beavertown, Redemption and One Mile End breweries and this last (but not least) is also opening its new Tottenham tap room and brewery, based in Redemption’s old premises, on Saturday (they are keeping their existing Mile End brewpub in operation).

The Tottenham Beer Mile can now be said to exist, and with Affinity Brewery set to open in Tottenham Hale shortly (with a taproom promised) the journey is not yet complete.

Saturday 29th October

Beavertown, 2 Lockwood Industrial Park, Mill Mead Rd N17 9QP 2-8pm

Redemption 16 Compass West Estate, West Rd N17 OXP 11am-5pm

One Mile End 2 Compass West Estate, 32 West Rd N17 OXL 11am-5pm



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  1. Pressure Drop to open in summer 2017 too.

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