The Ambridge Socialist: The Ambridge Christmas Show-a Marxist take on Cinderella?

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

The Ambridge Christmas show: a Marxist take on Cinderella?


Lynda Snell has been ‘persuaded’ to do another Christmas production after last year’s successful Calendar Girls. She has is being assisted by Kate. Lynda seems unsure as to whether Ambridge is ‘quite ready for a Marxist take on Cinderella’. The Ambridge Socialist says: why not? Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett, of course there is always War and Peace, or an adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s famous work, Waiting for Rob.

Why is Titchener still allowed in The Bull?

After a fracas at The Bull a few weeks back in which a drunk Rob Titchener was ejected for threatening to hit all and sundry the Ambridge Socialist is surprised to find that Calendar Man has been back at the bar in the last few days.

The Ambridge Socialist is not a fan of banning things (except fox hunting obviously) but we do think there should be a compulsory cooling off period before Titchener is allowed to cause trouble in The Bull again.

Grundy’s cider is best? 85% say it is

Joe Grundy is preoccupied with Bartleby almost as much an Ambridge institution as Joe himself. Even so it is apple picking and cider making time and Apple Day was on October 21st. Is Grundy’s Scrumpy as distributed to co-op members at the Cider Barn the best in Borsetshire? According to the Ambridge Socialist poll 85% think it is.

In Other News

Ian is staying and so is Adam

Rob has bundled up Helen’s belongings and threatened to put them in a skip. Lilian has offered to help Helen sort them out.

Tom is off to Germany as part of his scholarship. Another two fingers at Brexit.

Meanwhile a post-Brexit financial seminar at Lower Loxley has been causing trouble



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