Campaigners say Pokemon more of a threat to conker games than tree disease

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Campaign for Real Conkers

17th October

contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

Campaigners say Pokemon more of a threat to conker games than tree disease

E8CWGN Playing conkers in England, UK - close up

E8CWGN Playing conkers in England, UK – close up

The Campaign for Real Conkers which promotes walk up and play conker games without undue reference to rules, has said that screen based games like Pokemon are more of a threat to conker playing than tree disease.

Scientists are reporting that a leaf month that gradually kills the trees remains active and that a canker is now also attacking them. In some cases trees become dangerous and have to be cut down.

Campaign for Real Conkers organiser Keith Flett said, scientists are telling us that in 15 years time there will be a serious lack of conker trees. The actual problem we have now is a serious lack of conker players. In many areas of the country conkers litter the ground near trees uncollected. Conkers can be an exciting game but the zeitgeist is with screen based games like Pokemon. We are working to change that.

The campaign held a conker free for all near the towpath area adjacent to Here East, on the edge of the Olympic Park close to Hackney Wick station on 16th October. People turned up with a match ready conker and played, unchecked. Result: Hackney beat Tottenham.

Campaign for Real Conkers: guidelines

1 choose your conker. It’s up to you. Select several from a nearby conker tree

2 check your conker for game readiness. If it can be squeezed between finger and thumb so it indents, discard it. It will crack and split on contact with another conker

3 Look for a conker with particularly hard or sharp edges

4 Once selected you can leave your conker as organic or you may bake it or soak it in vinegar. It’s entirely up to you. There is no such thing as ‘cheating’ in conkers.

5 thread your conker with twine by making a hole in it. Use a hammer or skewer and nail to do this. If the conker cracks, discard it

6 You are ready to play

7 Swing your conker towards your opponent’s conker with the aim of hitting it. You can do this under or over arm.

8 Take alternate goes between yourself and your opponent

9 Wearing gloves to protect the hands is frowned upon

10 The winner is the person whose conker remains most intact when both players decide to conclude the game


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