The Ambridge Socialist Poll Result: 11.25% back a Titchener(tastefully naked) Calendar. 67.5 say Aaargh

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The Ambridge Socialist

16th October

Poll result: 11.25% back A Titchener (tastefully naked) Calendar 2017; 67.5% say aaargh


The Titchener Calendar 2017…

The Ambridge Calendar 2016 consists of a series of tastefully posed leading ladies of the village naked but prudently covered in key zones (mostly).

On social media Rob Titchener has promised a 2017 Calendar.

We asked if Titchener should be tastefully naked in the Calendar? The poll outcome is clear. 67.5% think Titchener needs to cover up, possibly up to and including with a paperbag over his head.

A hardcore 11.25% did back Titchener naked, perhaps on the basis that as Bob Dylan wrote even the President of the United States must sometimes have to stand naked.

More significantly 21.25% had constructive suggestions for what the pictures, month by month, in a Titchener Calendar might be. Some of these are listed below

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, the message to Titchener seems clear. A tastefully naked 2017 Calendar will not improve his standing in Ambridge. Then again, what could?

Suggestions for the Titchener Calendar

Making custard with a strategically placed apron

Riding to hounds, hat placed over a certain area

Striding to the wicket with his helmet carefully placed

In the Farm Shop a string of Tom’s sausages suggestively but strategically dangling

After the threshing machine ‘accident’

In prison uniform



One Response to “The Ambridge Socialist Poll Result: 11.25% back a Titchener(tastefully naked) Calendar. 67.5 say Aaargh”

  1. Would like to clarify that the #12TrialsofTitchener would present as, tastefully covered in sweat engine oil and pain

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