Campaigners claim People Power victory on Marmite

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In Defence of Marmite League

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266
13th October

Campaigners claim People Power victory on Marmite


The In Defence of Marmite League has claimed victory over a dispute which led briefly to Tesco delisting the product.

The details are here:

The Marmite Defence League holds no brief for the multinational Company that owns Marmite or for Tesco but feels that the decision to remove it temporarily from sale related as much to Marmite-phobia as it did to any pricing issues.

Campaign Organiser Keith Flett said, the fact that Marmite is now back on the shelves at Tesco is a victory not for either Tesco or Unilever but for people power. Brexit or not, Marmite is here to stay. With people from the Rolling Stones to Britney Spears and BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew being Marmite fans it is an essential element of modern cuisine.

Where we stand on Marmite
Marmite is a natural product deriving from brewer’s yeast. It is historically a by-product of brewing
It was ‘invented’ by a German scientist Justus von Liebig
Originally Marmite was derived from the Bass brewery in Burton on Trent.
That link is remains but Marks & Spencer also currently sell a similar product made from the brewer’s yeast of Meantime brewery in Greenwich.
Marmite is salty but also has some health enhancing elements to it, including important vitamins
Its recent marketing focuses on a ‘love it or hate it’ element to Marmite. Brexit is not an issue


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