In Defence of Marmite: accept no substitute

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In Defence of Marmite


It has been reported that Tesco and other supermarket chains are removing Marmite from sale in a dispute over post-Brexit price rises allegedly related to the falling value of the pound.

The Marmite Defence League holds no brief for the multinational Company that owns Marmite but feels that the decision to remove it from sale relates as much to Marmite-phobia as it does to any pricing issues.

Where we stand on Marmite

Marmite is a natural product deriving from brewer’s yeast. It is historically a by-product of brewing

It was ‘invented’ by a German scientist Justus von Liebig

Originally Marmite was derived from the Bass brewery in Burton on Trent.

That link is still maintained but Marks & Spencer currently sell a similar product made from the brewer’s yeast of Meantime brewery in Greenwich.

Marmite is salty but also has some health enhancing elements to it including vitamins.

Its recent marketing focuses on a ‘love it or hate it’ element to Marmite, much less Brexit itself

Campaign Organiser keith Flett said, while Marmite or a similar product is manufactured and eaten elsewhere in the world it is a quintessentially British item associated with the countries brewing heritage. To find it threatened by Brexit reveals a reality that Nigel Farage never mentioned before June 24th

We say if Theresa May cannot guarantee a continued supply of Marmite during the Brexit process she is toast.



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