Indymanbeercon: more than just beer

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IndyMan beerfest: more than just beer


I probably haven’t been paying attention but I confess to knowing very little about who is behind IndyManBeerCon an annual fixture in early October at a former swimming baths in Manchester or how the organisation works.

There is no particular reason why I should of course-I just go to drink- but as a former union organiser you develop a fascination about how events work, or don’t.

Anyway suffice say that whoever does it and how, organising IndyManBeerCon must be very hard work and it works very well indeed.

Part of the knack at these kind of events of course is getting or persuading zeitgeist and up and coming zeitgeist breweries to pitch up and sorting out how all that works financially.

Suffice to say that there was a lot of beer I enjoyed at Indyman this year. I would have enjoyed the Beavertown were it not for the fact that I live round the corner from the brewery and have already enjoyed it. So Cloudwater was a focus. I thought the DIPA V8 was excellent as were a couple of BA beers I tried.

There were others, too many to mention. I’m not a ticker so I did not a keep a list.

There was a very little cask- a shame in my view and not just because Ive been a CAMRA member since 1975. I think at these kind of events which focus on keg getting a brewery or two whose strength is in excellent cask- arguably Dark Star for example- would be interesting.

The third pint measures I had no issue with. A good few of the beers were strong, you can sample more, and there was no problem in getting served quickly.

The token pricing system I was less sure about. I can see it is administratively convenient and charging the same price for a third of any beer may encourage people to try stronger beer they otherwise might not. At the same time I had conversations with people who were clearly planning to drink mostly stronger beers because that gave better value for money.

I’m hardly impecunious so that isn’t the kind of thought that resonates directly with me but I can understand the point.

Anyway these are really matters for the organisers. As a drinker I enjoyed it a lot.

I was at most of the debate on the future of craft beer btw (until I had to go to the toilet-it happens at beerfests-and was in any case getting the feeling that this was a bit too much like the day job as a union officer in the private sector looking at issues that businesses have). I’ll post separately on that.


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  1. Interesting comments. Was busy so couldnt atrend. Have spoken to a few people who went but this is just my opinion. Think it’s wrong to charge the same for all beers because of the big gap in ABV of the various beers. Also think that larger glasses should have been available. Entry fee plus £7.50 a pint is excessive for Manchester. Easy ammunition for those who see craft beers as “poncey” and Middle Class.

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