Titchener: the End. Susan Carter has withdrawn support

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Titchener: The End. Susan Carter has ditched him


In a move that surely spells the end for Rob Titchener’s residence in Ambridge, Susan Carter has withdrawn her support from him. Susan was previously believed to be the person behind the informal Titchener support group in the village.

Carter told Helen on Friday that not only was she disgusted at the way Titchener had treated her daughter Emma the previous week (the incident in The Bull reported in the Ambridge Socialist last week) but that Helen’s trial had revealed just the kind of person Titchener is.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, Titchener has no future now.

Ambridge Angst as Toby is barred from Jill’s 86th birthday party

There was fresh angst in Ambridge this week as Jill barred Toby from her 86th birthday party for reasons so far unknown. The most likely reason is an ancient grudge against Fairbrothers. Less surprising, also this week, was the decision of the Ambridge cricket team to bar Rob Titchener. Despite the absence of- to him anyway- star player Ambridge still beat Darrington in an end of season grudge match

In Other News

It was reported this week that Trump was to speak in Ambridge. Investigations revealed thankfully that the report referred to the US town of the same name.

Helen is filing for divorce after finding Titchener had cleared out their joint bank account

The Ambridge Socialist poll


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