Campaigners query if Tory conference is ready to Brexit shaving

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Beard Liberation Front

press release                                                  2nd October

Contact keith flett                                            07803 167266


Campaigners query if Tory conference is ready to Brexit shaving


The last Prime Minister with a beard, Lord Salisbury, was a Tory but that was in 1902

The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that with the result of the Beard Friendly Party Conference of 2016 due to be announced on Wednesday the issue of the moment is whether the Tories meeting in Birmingham are ready to Brexit shaving.

The Tories are traditionally the most clean-shaven party. There was a brief hirsute upsurge during David Cameron’s early ‘modern Conservatism’ period but since then Tory delegates have overwhelmingly favoured cuts to any facial hair growing on their faces.

The LIbDem conference in Brighton saw seen a significant upsurge in hirsute attenders, although this was not reflected in platform speakers. While Labour with the re-election of the current Parliamentary Beard of the Year Jeremy Corbyn as leader saw a renewed sprouting of facial hair amongst conference attendees

The BLF has had observers watching each of the main conferences, LibDems in Brighton, Labour in Liverpool and now the Tories in Birmingham with the winner announced on October 5th the final day of the Tory conference.

There is an on-line poll which closes at 5pm on 4th October

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, Theresa May’s Cabinet has no beards in it so this is a real challenge for the Tories in Birmingham. Are they ready to Brexit the shaving brush and electric razor or not?

Recent winners of the Beard Friendly Party Conference

2013 Liberal Democrats

2014: Liberal Democrats

2015 Labour


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