Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn & New Labour Parties

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Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn and New Labour Parties


Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour leader on 24th September saw him win in most possible categories of the Labour electorate. Yet comment was made that of those who were members before the summer of 2015 when Corbyn was first elected, a majority voted for Owen Smith.

Like any voluntary organisation the membership of Labour is in constant flux with people joining and leaving and losing touch. Certainly however Labour is currently above 500,000 individual members, affiliates and supporters.

The claim is made that Corbyn has created a new Labour party in his own image. If he has it is nothing new:

By the next election over one half of our members will have joined since the 1992 election. It is literally a new party.

Tony Blair News Corporation leadership conference Hayman Island 17th July 1995


One Response to “Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn & New Labour Parties”

  1. I am just a Labour voter not a member. I feel that there are basically 2 choices for Labour members. They either aim for Government or a long time in opposition. My problem with the latter is that millions of people need a Labour Government soon. Like you I have had salaried jobs & the lifestyle and benefits that go with them. However, I am 60 next year & will need a fully functioning NHS more & more in the future. Blair made Labour electable, Fact. Corbyn wont/can’t. Assumption.

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