The Ambridge Socialist: Is Titchener set for England football manager’s job?

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Is Titchener set for England football manager’s job?


Rob Titchener is set to take up an estate management role in Ambridge working for Justin Elliott in the new few weeks. Apparently the job pays well but clearly nothing like the 3M that the position of England football manager can attract.

On the face of it Titchener is not best suited to the role. He is a lurking presence in Ambridge cricket club and is keen on hunting with hounds. He has no obvious football experience.

Yet we need to go beyond the superficial here.

Titchener is a controlling and dictatorial individual who is determined to get his own way, come what may. He could be just the man to shape and mould the reportedly somewhat wayward ‘stars’ of the England football team into match readiness.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, it’s true that Titchener does have a few skeletons in his cupboard but the good news is that absolutely none of them are anything to do with football. He is the ideal candidate for England manager.



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