Cask beer, keykeg & the Guardian

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Last week I had a fletter published in the Grauniad praising the work of the 2017 Good Beer Guide but wishing that the Guide could really focus on ‘good beer’ including not just cask but the unfiltered and unpasteurised beer now often seen on bars which is dispensed from keykegs.

A correspondent has disagreed:

Sorry, Keith Flett (Letters, 17 September), but gas doesn’t just dispense beer, it preserves it. When beer is fresh, the gas has only a slight effect on taste, but after a few days – when without gas it would be “off” – the beer tastes tired and horrible. I’m with Camra on this, beards, sandals and all.
Robert Blanchard
Margate, Kent

I could of course simply write a letter in response but it is bordering on anorak territory.

The author is right. If cask beer is served under blanket pressure or with a cask breather what he suggests will happen to the beer.

The keykeg, which is approved by CAMRA, does not come into this category because at no point does the gas come into contact with the beer.

A description from the company that provides keykeg beers at some CAMRA beer festivals is here:

Putting the KEG into CAMRA

But if you, quite reasonably, are not interested in these doctrinal disputes just try a Beavertown or Cloudwater beer on keykeg and see what you think.


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