Campaigners issue guide to collecting conkers as 2016 season gets into full swing

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Campaign for Real Conkers

Against bans on conker playing

Press Release Sept 21st Contact Keith Flett, 07803 167266

Campaigners issue guide to collecting conkers as 2016 season gets in to full swing


The Campaign for Real Conkers, the group that opposes bans on conker playing, has said that wet and windy weather in mid-September has led to the first significant conker fall of the 2016 season.

The campaigners say that there are concerns that many who would enjoy playing conkers have forgotten how to collect them.

Campaign for Real Conkers Guide to Collecting Conkers

Most conker trees should have fallen conkers lying around them. It is counter-productive to try and knock conkers off trees.

Check the conker for marks or signs that a squirrel has tried to eat them. Conkers that are flawed with a crack or other damage are unlikely to be match winners

Select your conkers. Around half a dozen should be adequate. You will want to keep them for several days before threading to see how they change.

In selecting the conker look for faults. If it is soft to the touch it is unlikely to be a match winner. Conkers with a flat sharp edge can be ideal.

After several days have passed review your conkers. Discard those that ‘give’ when pressed between forefinger and thumb.

You are now ready to thread your conkers

The campaign believes that conkers is a game that is free to all play and should also be free of rules and regulations whether imposed in contests or petty bureaucrats who argue wrongly that playing conkers is in some way dangerous.

Campaign organiser Keith Flett said, the fact that conkers lie uncollected in many areas is of concern to the campaign and we have issued our guide to collecting conkers to promote the playing of the game.

The Campaign for Real Conkers promotes free for all conker playing across the UK an alternative event to the World Conker Championships on Sunday October 9th where it encourages people to have a go at playing conkers without the need for rules, regulations and teams.


The CFRC believes that conkers is one of the few sports that can be played for free. All that is required is a conker and some string.

It is opposed to championships, rules, regulations and commercial sponsorship.

It seeks to encourage young people to play conkers. It should not be the preserve purely of those of mature years


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