The Ambridge Socialist: After Titchener

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 60 years of class struggle in Ambridge

After Titchener


The aftermath of Titchener will no doubt take its time to work through in Ambridge. Ideally an ‘accident’ would solve the matter but the Ambridge Socialist expects the rapist to be lurking for a good while yet.

However life in Ambridge goes on and there are weighty matters to ponder:

Brexit: All those in Ambridge who ‘may’ have voted to leave the EU in June and ‘may’ also have not backed the current Tory leader in what turned out to be a non-contest in the finest Conservative tradition, must now face key issues. Firstly where is a replacement for EU subsidy going to come from? Secondly where is a replacement for seasonal EU labour going to come from. Answers on twitter to David Archer and Brian Aldridge

Joe Grundy: The Grundy’s are staying at Grange Farm because post-Brexit, the Sterlings cant sell. But what does the future hold for the premier proletarian family of Ambridge

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, forget Titchener. New realities are dawning. The struggle goes on.

In other news

Josh has sold his laptop

Pip likes Toby. He should keep well clear of David Archer

Rumours persist that David Cameron may be moving to Ambridge

Titchener’s hold over Henry & Jack has been judged

Kirsty & Tom are having a shower



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