The Ambridge Socialist: Cameron resigns- is he set to move to Ambridge?

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

After the Trial is David Cameron set to move to Ambridge?


The Ambridge Socialist can reveal that David Cameron’s decision to stand down as MP for Witney may not be unrelated to the ‘not guilty’ verdict in the trial of Helen Archer at Borsetshire Crown Court on 11th September.

The jury’s decision paves the way for all round bad influence Rob Titchener to be ejected from Ambridge and David Cameron’s style of modern Conservatism to become hegemonic in the village.

It is thought that Cameron will make Oliver and Caroline an offer for Grange Farm and with his extensive funds sort out the issues with the building. In the spirit of Cameron’s one nation Conservatism the Grundy’s will be housed in a structure in the yard and employed to keep the place running.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, Mr Cameron has some farming knowledge from his current constituency and could be set to turn Ambridge into the kind of model for patrician rule that he once claimed he would do for the whole country.



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