Owen Jones is wrong: Cameron wasnt one of the worst British Prime Ministers ever

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Owen Jones is wrong: Cameron wasn’t one of the worst British Prime Ministers ever


According to Owen Jones writing in the Guardian, David Cameron, who resigned as an MP today, is one of the worst British Prime Ministers ever.

He wrote this when Cameron resigned as PM in July but has retweeted it today:

It’s a decent piece and to anyone who has had to live through the Cameron years it is an understandable judgement but also a wrong one.

One need only think of Ministers like Duncan Smith and Gove to understand how nasty Cameron’s supposedly ‘modern Conservative’ Government could be.

But Cameron himself is better described as inept, incompetent and arrogant, although it is far too soon to say how history will actually judge him. His unnecessary Brexit Referendum has plunged the British ruling orders into crisis and may not be the greatest for everyone else either. On that we shall see. The point is that the Referendum was not required.

Below is a list of British Prime Ministers who genuinely do contend for the title of worst Prime Minister ever.

Lord Liverpool, a Tory, (1812-27) who presided over the Peterloo Massacre in 1819,introduced the repressive Six Acts that cracked down on democratic political activity and introduced the 1825 anti-union Combination Acts is a serious contender for the title.

Earl Grey who was a Liberal (1830-34) is also up there. He was PM when the Tolpuddle Martyrs stood trial and he introduced the Poor Law and the Workhouse. On the plus side he abolished slavery (as it was then).

Winston Churchill, Tory, (1951-1955) presided over various often bloody imperial events including the Korean War and the Mau Mau revolt. During World War Two, while many focus on his leadership against the Nazis, there is also the bombing of Dresden and the Bengali Famine to account for.

Margaret Thatcher, Tory, (1979-1990) Falklands War, miners strike, poll tax. An impressive record

Tony Blair, Labour (1997-2007) not an obvious right-winger by some distance compared to the other contenders but features primarily because of the Iraq War.


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