The Ambridge Socialist: In defence of Anna Tregorran

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Helen’s Trial: Who is Judge Loomis?

The BBC has listed key players in the Trial of Helen Archer currently underway at Borchester Crown Court.

Strangely the presiding Judge Loomis is not amongst them.

Of course the jury should have the ultimate say on whether or not Helen is guilty but even the best intentioned jurors can be swayed by misdirections from a Judge.

While Judge Loomis made a brief and inappropriate appearance on twitter, when challenged by the Ambridge Socialist to give details of his education and CV he retreated behind a Borchester Court handle.

There is no evidence on the interwebs about previous cases Judge Loomis has tried.

Defending Barrister Anna Tregorran has suggested to the Ambridge Socialist that the Judge is a pogonophobe  but that is unlikely to be an issue in the current trial.

We think judging by his interventions in the trial that Mr Justice Loomis may be a Tory which would usually favour a member of the dynastic Archer family in Borchester.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, we repeat: no justice, no peace

Guardian criticises Anna Tregorran

The Guardian not content with ill-intentioned people criticising Jeremy Corbyn, also found time at the beginning of this week to carry a piece which suggested that Anna Tregorran was not up to defending Helen Archer. We don’t agree but what do you think?

Guardian criticism

Louiza Patikas speaks to Linda Grant, The Guardian


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