The Ambridge Socialist: Helen is not guilty BUT Titchener is

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Helen is not guilty BUT Titchener is


The Ambridge Socialist welcomes the decision of the jury at Borchester Crown Court to find Helen Archer not guilty of two offences related to her former husband Rob Titchener.

Helen’s own powerful testimony was central to the acquittal but so was the advocacy of her Barrister Anna Tregorran.

Attention now turns towards Titchener. During the trial both Helen and his former wife stated that he had raped them. One would think that Borsetshire Social Services would be looking urgently as his custody of Henry and that Borsetshire Police would cast an eye over the points made at the trial and other issues related to Titchener’s period in Ambridge.

It would also be surprising if Justin Elliot decided to continue with his decision to employ Titchener as farm manager and under existing employment law he can do so legally. Of course Mr Titchener could seek the services of an employment lawyer (he fairly obviously is not a trade union member and it is too late to join now with a pre-existing issue)  but grounds for unfair dismissal seem limited.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, it’s not particularly clear that either the social services or police will actually pursue Titchener, with the pressure coming from cuts in resources, but we have no intention of ending our campaign to see justice done.


One Response to “The Ambridge Socialist: Helen is not guilty BUT Titchener is”

  1. Maybe Titchener could leave Ambridge and set up a website devoted to anti-fascism and obscure music.

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