The Ambridge Socialist Court Report: Jess may testify..

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Helen’s Trial: Court Report


The Ambridge Socialist does not have much faith in bourgeois Courts of law but in the absence of another system they are the only ones that offer any hope of justice. Very occasionally they deliver. Usually they don’t.

The Ambridge Socialist will be reporting on the Trial of Helen Titchener at Borsetshire Crown Court. Judge Loomis presiding.

We have to rely largely on BBC reports. Unlike some on the left we don’t automatically discount these as partial or biased but we will be keeping a critical eye


The day started with the jury out and legal argument about whether Helen’s statement that Titchener had raped her could be allowed as evidence. Judge Loomis decided that it could but that Titchener might well be recalled to give further testimony on that.

Cross examined by the Prosecution Barrister Helen underlined that she was not lying and that Titchener had raped her repeatedly.

Anna Tregorran revealed to the family that Titchener’s former wife Jess had come forward and made a statement. It was not yet clear if this would be allowed as evidence by the Judge.



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  1. I was shocked. What a terrible waste of custard!

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