8th Sept 1966: 50 years since the Aust Ferry across the Severn to Wales closed

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8th September marks the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Aust ferry which took car passengers from England across the River Severn into Wales (the the river bank on the ‘Welsh’ side is actually in England as well).

The Queen opened the first Severn Bridge and 50 years on that has a specific relevance as the rail tunnel under the Severn is about to shut for 6 weeks from 12th September for electrification work. The tolls on the bridge and their level remain a matter of some political controversy.

Famously one of the passengers to use the Aust ferry in its last  months was Bob Dylan on 11th May 1966 on his ‘electric’ tour of the UK.

According to Alan Johnson on Newsnight Corbyn was one of those booing the electric Dylan but I suspect he may be too busy to stage a 50th anniversary protest at Aust today.

Wiki entry

BBC2 screened a programme to mark 50 years since the opening the Severn Bridge on 17th September (perhaps not for those who dont like heights, but fascinating social and engineering history)


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