Why Roger Protz is right on the key task facing beer campaigners

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ABInBev takeover of SAB Miller: Why Roger Protz is right on the task facing beer campaigners


As in an earlier post, the takeover of one global megabrewing group SABMiller by another ABInBev now looks set to go ahead, shareholder approval allowing.

Details of the takeover have been released (see Financial Times 27th August) and Roger Protz has written an important and to the point piece about it here:

As he rightly underlines whoever the winners from the deal are- primarily bankers and lawyers who will be claiming fees of a substantial nature- it is not likely to be the beer drinker.

Apparently the aim of the exercise is ‘to be Best Beer Company Bringing People Together People for a Better World’.

Blimey all those years wasted as a labour movement activist and trade union officer when I could simply have been a shareholder in a megabrewery to the same end..

The FT notes the business dynamics of the deal which is for the new mega-mega brewery to ‘strengthen its grip’ in the Latin American market and ‘expand its business’ in Africa.

The FT also notes that these markets have not been ‘disrupted’ by a growing taste for craft beer and are seeing ‘strong growth’ in consumption.

Those who heard the fascinating interview that Sheila Dillon did with Roger Protz on Radio 4’s Programme recently will have heard him conclude that the priority for beer campaigners to promote the work of small scale brewers and oppose the activities of mega-breweries.

We can argue about keykeg and black ipa and all that but if we don’t disrupt the activities of the mega-breweries (by not drinking their products for example) they will very soon be disrupting our drinking choice.





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