The Ambridge Socialist: Court Report special edition

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Helen’s Trial: Court Report

The Ambridge Socialist does not have much faith in bourgeois Courts of law but in the absence of another system they are the only ones that offer any hope of justice. Very occasionally they deliver. Usually they don’t.

The Ambridge Socialist will be reporting on the Trial of Helen Titchener at Borsetshire Crown Court. Judge Loomis presiding.

We have to rely largely on BBC reports. Unlike some on the left we don’t automatically discount these as partial or biased but we will be keeping a critical eye

Day One

Titchener took the stand with the theatrical prop of a walking stick and explained how he loved Helen (sobs etc) and that he was of course entirely innocent of anything. Generally juries are pretty good at spotting the ill-intentioned unless of course they are mis-directed by the judge. The BBC does not seem to regard Judge Loomis as a ‘key player’ but he could very well be. Any details of his biography and CV would be of some interest.

Day Two

The Surgeon who treated Titchener Mr Ellis was cross examined by Anna Tregorran who pinned him down on whether the injuries could have been part in accidental. Young Henry then appeared via recording. Helen broke down. The BBC reported Henry’s testimony as being in favour of Titchener. The jury may have other ideas. Kirsty then appeared as a prosecution witness. Anna Tregorran’s cross-examination was useful. Judge Loomis (see above) threatened Kirsty with contempt. Law and justice are not always the same things.


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