The Ambridge Socialist: Who should be on trial? Helen Archer or Rob Titchener?

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Who should be on trial? Helen Archer or Rob Titchener


The trial of Helen Archer starts this week at Borchester Crown Court and the Ambridge Socialist hopes to be able to bring readers regular Court reports.

We have offered Solidari-tea to Helen around the wider issue of women who suffer abuse and worse at the hands of their partner.

In our view it should be Rob Titchener who is on trial this week not Helen.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, our message is clear: no justice, no peace

Crisis as Titchener’s job as Estate Manager runs into early problems

Brian has told Adam about Titchener’s appointment as Estate Manager by Justin Elliot. Adam is clear that he will not work with a bully (& known homophobe) like Titchener.

In Other News

Dr Locke and Elizabeth may soon be an item. Don’t hold the front page

Freddie is going to do his re-sits later in the Autumn. Probably



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