Ambridge Socialist: As Helen’s Trial starts 93.5% say Titchener is ‘*not* innocent ok’

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The Ambridge Socialist

4th September

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As Helen’s Trial is set to start 93.5% vote that Titchener is not innocent OK




As Helen Archer’s trial at Borchester Crown Court is due to start a poll of Ambridge Socialist readers has found that 93.5% do not think that Rob Titchener is ‘innocent ok’.

A reminder of some Titchener’s alleged crimes that will not be discussed at Borchester Crown Court this week is below:

Culvert: Rob and others blocked a culvert to stop Berrow Farm flooding in case of heavy rain. It happened and Ambridge got flooded instead.

Stefan: shortly after the flood Stefan disappeared. Titchener claimed he had had a family crisis and was not contactable. The belief is that Titchener either threatened Stefan with bodily harm or simply murdered him

Scruff: Lynda Snell’s dog Scruff disappeared in the flood, later to, apparently, re-appear and then die. It is thought Titchener murdered Scruff

Freda Fry: Freda sadly died in the flood for which Titchener is indirectly responsible

Berrow Farm Accounts: Titchener resigned as dairy manager after general manager Charlie Thomas tried to discuss irregularities in the accounts with him. The belief is that Titchener was fiddling the books.

Farm Shop: Titchener is believed to have mismanaged the Farm Shop and possibly siphoned money out of the business into his own pocket

Gaslighting: the most well-known of Titchener’s alleged crimes, and perhaps the most serious (if we accept that he did not murder Stefan) involved psychological bullying, occasional physical violence and at least one marital rape to his partner Helen Archer

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, Helen Titchener may be on trial but we believe guilt lies elsewhere and as we often say in Editorial Board meetings: no justice, no peace.



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