Jay Rayner visits Cardiff

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Urban Tap House

The Observer restaurant critic, food writer and former Beard of the Year winner Jay Rayner was recently in Cardiff.

You can read his review of a restaurant in central Cardiff here:

A certain frisson of disquiet has been caused on social media because Rayner said there werent many good restaurants in Cardiff.

Ive agreed with him on twitter (obviously I’m not going to diss a  Beard of the Year winner) but many did not.

Rayner named some Cardiff restaurants such as the Potted Pig and Purple Poppadum that I eat in from time to time and which are certainly good. I’d also add Bar 44 a tapas restaurant opposite the Principality stadium and Mint and Mustard which, in a sense, was the original Purple Poppadum.

Several Welsh produce focused restaurants have gone over the years  and here lies the conundrum of Rayner’s correctness.

Cardiff is a relatively low wage economy (25% lower than in London) and arguably also more proletarian than some.

Good food there is certainly but within that framework. Street Food Cardiff currently operating in central Cardiff underlines the point. Dusty Knuckle Pizza and the incomparable Hang Fire BBQ (who have a restaurant in Barry) are up there with the best.

Burgers are also big in Cardiff and the Grazing Shed is excellent as are the burgers at the award winning Tiny Rebel Brewery’s Urban Tap House also opposite the Principality Stadium.

So great food there is in Cardiff but not always in the format that Jay Rayner and indeed myself might expect to find it in London.

Horses for courses as it were….

Should Cardiff as the Welsh capital aspire to even better? Certainly and it has the produce and chefs to do it. Bring on the finance and the customers


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