Official Badger cull extended to Borsetshire: David Archer set to act

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Official Badger Cull extended to Borsetshire: David Archer set to act


The Government has named new areas for its official badger cull which includes part of Borsetshire. It is not yet clear whether Ambridge falls within the official cull zone but it is thought unlikely that this will deter David Archer from renewing his infamous culling activities.

Archer appeared in the Magistrates Court in 2003 after shooting dead  a badger he claimed he saw heading to his farm’s cattle feed store. Archer has long claimed that badgers cause Bovine TB, a much debated point.

It is thought that Archer may recruit Rob Titchener newly appointed manager at the local Damara Estates to help organise a badger cull in the Ambridge area under the guise of the official cull. Titchener is believed to know a good deal about culling things.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, David Archer has got the green light to go on the rampage against badgers again. Will he stop there?


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