Cardiff Brewfest returns: the changing face of beer in the Welsh Capital

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Cardiff Brewfest returns


I don’t usually attend every day of a beer festival but the return of Cardiff Brewfest, held at the Depot in central Cardiff, did see Megan Davies and myself present on each of the three days it ran up to the August Bank Holiday.

One can only applaud Tiny Rebel and Otley breweries who are behind the event as well as all the breweries and others who made it, for me anyway, a very enjoyable experience.

The organisation can’t really be faulted with a good amount of space, seating and importantly food options as well as the beer.

Cardiff as a beer city is in transition from the relatively low strength pint drinking culture which reflects Wales’s industrial past of heavy industry, towards something, in part, which might be called ‘craft’ beer.

Brewfest had a good mix of cask and keg beer available and a good range of strengths and styles. Having something to attract the breadth of people’s personal drinking preferences is important. Not everyone likes sipping double IPAs and not everyone wants super-hoppy beers.  Both have their place alongside more traditional beer styles, which to be fair, I’ve had a good deal of over the past 40 years or so.

It was good to see both the established Cardiff based breweries there- Crafty Devil and Pipes- both with an excellent range of beer.

Tiny Rebel and Otley also had an impressive line up of cask and keg. I was pleased to see Otley’s imperial stout Odessa back on keg after a long break. More of that elsewhere but at 9.6% I was also glad that the glasses provided allowed for drinking in thirds of a pint (which I did more or less exclusively over the 3 days).

Beyond that there was an excellent range of breweries from around the UK. I was particularly interested to see sours getting drunk which I sense haven’t been too popular in Cardiff to date.

Whether there were enough people or how it worked commercially I cant say, I was there as a drinker.

I would say however that Brewfest should become an established feature of the Cardiff beer scene. It is doing a good deal to help transform how beer is understood and drunk in the City. But if you still prefer a pint of Brains Dark, why not? It’s a great beer when you can find it.


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