The Ambridge Socialist: 83% back Joe Grundy on poaching as the right of the poor

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Poaching: we defend Eddie Grundy


Eddie Grundy has been in trouble this week with Ambridge’s chief forelock tugger, his son Will. Will organises the shoot for the rich and powerful of Borsetshire and beyond. On Wednesday he found evidence of poachers in one of the feeds he had set up for the game birds. The evidence pointed to his father and, sure enough, visiting the Grundy’s barn Will found two pheasants.

Most people would say, so what? They would not be missed and while it is certainly an offence, Eddie Grundy made a good defence of the traditional rights of commoners to take a small number of birds as a sort of Ambridge moral economy.

That didn’t go down well with Will, obviously, or with Clarrie who at least officially tends towards the conservative.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, we back Eddie Grundy. He did no real harm and more importantly stood up for a vision of the rural economy that suggests the rich shouldn’t have it all

83% back Joe Grundy on poaching as the right of the poor

In this week’s Ambridge Socialist poll 56% backed Joe Grundy’s defence of poaching as a traditional right of the rural poor. A further 28% believed such activity amounted only to foraging. 17% believed that poaching is wrong. It is thought this is the view of the Rob Titchener is Innocent Ok campaign.

In Other News

Justin Elliot has appointed Titchener as Estate Manage for Damara. Titchener is in the process of entrapping a new victim, Charlotte, as a nanny for Henry. The Ambridge Socialist has e-mailed her some of our recent issues.



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