The Ambridge Socialist poll: poaching- a crime or the moral economy of the rural poor

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 60 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Poaching: a crime or the moral economy of the rural poor?


Joe Grundy has been reminiscing about his life on the land part of which covered the entirely reasonable point that the land is for all and not just for the wealthy. This is of course includes the odd spot of poaching which bourgeois law deems to be illegal. Clarrie was at pains to point this out and to warn him not to pass on his thoughts on traditional country ways to young George. While Eddie Grundy took the point, sort of, Joe did not.

Of course as the Archers’ website points out much modern poaching is carried out not by poor rural dwellers like the Grundys but by criminal gangs who are happy to use violence against those who get in their way. This is different both in terms of scale and intent to what Joe Grundy was reminiscing about.

Was Joe right that the land should be a common Treasury for all?

 Poll closes Midnight on 27th August

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