The Ambridge Socialist: 94% call for Titchener to be arrested

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94% call for Titchener to be arrested


An Ambridge Socialist poll has found 94% of those voting in its poll are in support of the arrest of Rob Titchener for a variety of suspected offences. We have no great hopes that Borsetshire Police will act however. A further question is who the 6% are who think Titchener should not be arrested. Given that many hundreds voted this can’t just be the Titchener family. We suspect that Susan Carter has started a ‘Titchener is innocent ok’ campaign.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, we are considering the next steps in our campaign to bring Titchener to justice

What are the ‘alleged’ crimes of Rob Titchener?

Rob Titchener has been a looming presence in Ambridge for a while now and not all of his ‘alleged’ crimes may come easily to mind. Below is an Ambridge Socialist summary of those we know about.

Culvert:  we do know for sure that Titchener, possibly with former farm worker Stefan, blocked culverts on Berrow Farm where he was dairy manager to prevent flooding. A flood did occur in early 2015 and the water was diverted to Ambridge instead.

Stefan: shortly after the flood Stefan disappeared. Titchener claimed he had had a family crisis and was not contactable. The belief is that Titchener either threatened Stefan or murdered him

Scruff: Lynda Snell’s dog Scruff disappeared in the flood, later to, apparently, re-appear and then die. It is thought Titchener murdered Scruff

Freda Fry: Freda sadly died in the flood for which Titchener is indirectly responsible

Berrow Farm Accounts: Titchener resigned as dairy manager after general manager Charlie Thomas tried to discuss irregularities in the accounts with him. The belief is that Titchener was fiddling the books.

Gaslighting: the most well-known of Titchener’s alleged crimes, involved psychological bullying, occasional physical violence and at least one marital rape to his partner Helen Archer



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  1. Apart from cheating at cricket another crime of which Titchener is suspected of is misappropriation of money and possibly organic chickens in the farm shop. Everyone knows after his ghastly interference in picking a manager for the shop in Borchester it effectively went bust and the same think was happening in the farm shop when he was put out of action.

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