The Ambridge Socialist: should Rob Titchener be arrested? #thearchers

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Should Rob Titchener be arrested?


After a poll of Ambridge Socialist readers saw 77% back the view that Rob Titchener did murder farm worker Stefan after the Great Flood of Ambridge in 2015, the Ambridge Socialist has asked why Borsetshire Police have yet to take Titchener in for questioning.

Not only is he believed to be responsible for the death of Lynda Snell’s dog Scruff, just this week he has been interfering with and threatening a potential witness in the forthcoming trial of Helen Archer, his former wife Jess.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, while we appreciate that Borsetshire Police are stretched for resources and this matter is well beyond local PC Harrison Burns, surely there is enough evidence to bring Titchener in for questioning.



One Response to “The Ambridge Socialist: should Rob Titchener be arrested? #thearchers”

  1. I think Rob paid Stefan for sperm sample to prove Jesus’s child is not his… Then gave him enough to set up life elsewhere. Blackmail could now raise its head… Hope so

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