The Ambridge Socialist: 77% say Titchener murdered Stefan

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The Ambridge Socialist

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77% say Rob Titchener murdered Stefan: time for Borsetshire police to act?


A poll of Ambridge Socialist readers has seen a 77% back the view that Rob Titchener did murder farm worker Stefan after the Great Flood of Ambridge in 2015. So far however there is no definitive evidence and Titchener remains at large in the village.

Discussion on the Facebook page of The Archers has outlined a number of key lines of inquiry which we believe Borsetshire Police must follow up as a matter of urgency:

If Titchener did murder Stefan, where is the body?

If Titchener did not murder Stefan but simply threatened him to the extent he left Ambridge, where is Stefan now?

What did, then, Berrow Farm manager Charlie Thomas know about this, and what if anything did he know about Titchener’s blocking of culverts that led to Ambridge being flooded and the subsequent death of Freda Fry?

This leads the Ambridge Socialist to pose a new question:

Should Borsetshire Police now arrest Rob Titchener on a charge of suspected murder?

In other news

Elfworld is in crisis

Rex has had to leave Ambridge


3 Responses to “The Ambridge Socialist: 77% say Titchener murdered Stefan”

  1. Rob would obviously be wiped out in a “Minority Report” Ambridge – any brain scan would show deficiency in empathy – and “android life form” in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. Surely his criminal activity (flood, falsified accounts) must come to light before Henry comes to harm?

  2. In Other News: Both Toss Bross must leave Ambridge.

  3. Please can someone tell us again about Stefan? And the blocked culvert. Oh dear!!

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