The key point of any labour movement meeting

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Business teamworking at meeting table.

Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson has found a letter of unknown provenance which suggests that Momentum aim to make meetings ‘boring’ in order to control them.

It will never work.

Here is the last line of Duncan Hallas’s Hints on Chairmanship (1972) which underlines the key purpose of any labour movement meeting.

it is a poor chairman who can’t get through the business so as to allow half an hour’s drinking time.


4 Responses to “The key point of any labour movement meeting”

  1. If I recall aright the claim about making meetings boring in order to get a majority dates back at least to Roger Rosewell’s “Dealing with the Marxist Threat to Industry” of 1983.
    There is a whole literature of such ill-informed slanders:
    and it might be worth researching how much of Watson’s “evidence” is plagiarised from publications from thirty years ago.

  2. I suspect Watson got much of it from Crick’s ‘Militant’

  3. It’s taken verbatim from a review of Crick’s Militant,

  4. But Crick himself says parallels with the 1980s are irrelevant:

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