Dominic Sandbrook’s 1980s & ours

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Dominic Sandbrook’s 1980s & ours


The cultural historian Dominic Sandbrook has begun a new series on the 1980s on BBC2 on Thursday night. I’ll comment in more detail once Ive actually seen all the programmes(!).

An accompanying book is not scheduled to appear until 2018 it seems so the TV series is all we have to go on for Sandbrook’s view of the 1980s,which is a sort of history as light entertainment take on things

However Sandbrook has already given broad parameters of the approach he plans to take in an article in the Radio Times an interview with the arts review programme on Radio 4 and of course an extended piece in the Daily Mail.

Some key points seem to be:

Sandbrook’s 1980s

Mrs Thatcher followed not led a consumer revolution
The miner’s strike was a battle between the NUM and the UDM
The 1980s was not about Margaret Thatcher but Delia Smith
The 1980s were about gadgets and in particular microwave ovens
What people were doing in Northampton was more important than what the intelligentsia thought was going on. This included going to Berni Inns

The left’s 1980s
Miner’s strike against pit closures
Wapping strike against de-recognition of unions
The Falklands War
Rise of lesbian & gay politics & culture & then Section 28
Trying to defeat Mrs Thatcher (but not Delia Smith)


One Response to “Dominic Sandbrook’s 1980s & ours”

  1. I thought the first episode was quite good and offered a useful contrast with today’s leftwing turmoil. Mrs Thatcher seizing media opportunities while the earnest and brainy labour leader Michael Foot was criticised for his dress sense and watched his party fall apart.

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