Who is the most right-wing British Prime Minister ever?

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Who is the most right-wing British Prime Minister ever?


Lord Liverpool

According to Labour leadership contender Owen Smith, Tory PM Theresa May is set to be the most right-wing UK Prime Minister ever.

You’d expect better from Mr Smith given his distinguished family background. No doubt Ms May is right-wing but there is no need to over-estimate her.

Lord Liverpool, a Tory, (1812-27) who presided over the Peterloo Massacre in 1819,introduced the repressive Six Acts that cracked down on democratic political activity and introduced the 1825 anti-union Combination Acts is a serious contender for the title.

Earl Grey who was a Liberal (1830-34) is also up there. He was PM when the Tolpuddle Martyrs stood trial and he introduced the Poor Law and the Workhouse. On the plus side he abolished slavery (as it was then).

Winston Churchill, Tory, (1951-1955) presided over various often bloody imperial events including the Korean War and the Mau Mau revolt.

Margaret Thatcher, Tory, (1979-1990) Falklands War, miners strike, poll tax. An impressive record

Tony Blair, Labour (1997-2007) not an obvious right-winger by some distance compared to the other contenders but features primarily because of the Iraq War.


7 Responses to “Who is the most right-wing British Prime Minister ever?”

  1. Odd that you mention Churchill’s 1951-55 spell, but not his period in power during WWII. One might recall the bombing of Dresden or the Bengal famine in which three million (half as many as the Holocaust) died.

  2. PS: And don’t forget Churchill’s publicly declared admiration for Mussolini.

  3. On the other hand, Churchill’s introduction of wage boards is definitely in the merit column. Akin to the ‘living wage’ of modern Tories, perhaps, but the express justification – to prevent the bad employer being undercut by the worst – is one that I don’t otherwise expect to hear any time soon…

  4. Agreed the Bengal Famine was a British war crime (and I believe 3 million is an underestimate) but I don’t think there’s any blame for the bombing of Dresden. Whatever the peoples of the Axis countries may have suffered under Allied bombing, they had no-one to blame but their oiwn leaders (and themselves for following them). German self-pity should not be indulged.
    As for the Falklands war, what’s wrong with defeating a fascist regime of white settlers?

  5. London John’s logic is bizarre. Because SOME Germans voted for Hitler (though far from a majority) he thinks ALL Germans deserved the collective punishment of mass bombing. It is, of course, the same logic that says that because SOME Brits voted for the government that invaded Iraq, then it was quite reasonable to kill people on London tube trains at random.
    London John should have a look at Donny Gluckstein’s book “The Nazis, Capitalism and the Working Class”. At the end of the war Anti-Fascist Committees were set up all over Germany. They were promptly suppressed by the occupying powers. Churchill was much happier to have large numbers of German workers killed than to envisage any possibility of them taking their society into their own hands.

  6. ihbirchall evidently does not understand the meaning of “logic”. Mass bombing of Nazi Germany was not a “collective punishment” but an very effective contribution to defeating the Axis. It was the absolute duty of Allied governments to deo whatever it took to bring the Nazi horror to an end as quickly as possible, and they had no responsibility to the Germans. Instead of repeating sentimental guff about “German workers” ihbirchall should recognise that they were as important a part of the Nazi war effort as the German armed forces, so killing them contributed to Allied victory which was essential for all humanity.

    • On the contrary London John. If the Allies had tried to encourage working -class revolt against the Nazis rather than threatening to reduce Germany to a pre-industrial society (Morgenthau plan) the war might have been ended more quickly. But thugs like Churchill obviously did not want to take any risk of German workers taking things into their own hands. Obviously you are deeply ignorant of the history of the German working class especially in the 1918-23 period, only two decades earlier.
      What rather puzzles me is why someone who who thinks reference to the working class is “sentimental guff” should be on a socialist website like this. Surely you would be happier with your Tory mates.

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