The Tottenham Beer Mile becomes a reality

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The Tottenham Beer Mile becomes a reality


I did an interview with a journalist from French National radio in October 2015 (the BBC equivalent) who was doing a piece about how Tottenham was getting on after the 2011 riot and comparing it to the experience particularly I think in Paris.

It has been a feature of London life since the appearance of the Great Wen, arguably in the late eighteenth century, that rich and poor have lived side by side rather than miles apart as the journalist felt was the case in France.

He noted that Tottenham appeared to be a quiet place, full of leafy bits and not much in the way of high rise buildings (that’s being worked on it appears..) and in turn I pointed out that while poverty and discrimination were still huge issues in the area, it had in many ways started to move on.

One sign of this is that Tottenham has become a centre of brewing, with Redemption brewery up near Spurs and Beavertown at Tottenham Hale. If you had suggested that this might be part of the future of Tottenham 10 years ago, most would have thought that you had already been in the pub for a bit.

The Beavertown Brewery opens up to the public on Saturday afternoon and early evenings and has proved, er, wildly popular. The excellent transport links at Tottenham Hale clearly help.

Until now Redemption have not had the space to open a tap room but they are nearly at the end of the process of fully commissioning a new and much larger brewery close to their existing one in North Tottenham. When it’s done a tap room will be part of it, with, as one would expect from a community focused brewery, very much a local flavour to it.

It is around a mile between Beavertown and Redemption and on Sunday 7th August as part of London Beer City One Mile End brewery opened their new Tottenham tap room and brewery, based in Redemption’s old premises (they are keeping their existing Mile End brewpub in operation).

It is a very nice set-up and the One Mile End beers are of course very good

The Tottenham Beer Mile can now be said to exist, and with Affinity Brewery set to open in Tottenham Hale shortly (with a taproom promised) the journey is not yet complete.



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